Thursday, 16 September 2010

Snowflake Taiwanese Dessert at Kota Damansara

I've been wanting to try this ever since I got back from Taiwan. I really miss those Yu Yuan from Jiufen, and Snowflake has also become quite popular over the sale of Taiwanese desserts at both their shops in Pavilion and SS15. So when I heard they were opening a new shop at Kota Damansara, I couldn't resist going over to try the taroballs, hopefully they're as good as the ones in Jiufen =p

Anyway, went there today after lunch for some dessert with my parents. I decided on the cold Snowflake Bestseller which comes with taroballs (yum!) and grass jelly. Similar to the other shops, we  were given this "beeping UFO", which would vibrate when our orders are ready.

Beeping UFO =p

For the first day, there already seems to be quite a number of people here. Anyway, didn't take too long before our desserts were ready and we tucked in ^.^

Snowflake Bestseller - Cold

Tried a bit of the grass jelly ice first before adding the creamer that is provided. I felt it tasted good both with and without the creamer.

With creamer

The taro balls were gooooddd!! Yummy, tasted almost like the ones that I had in Jiufen, though it's paired with different things here. Somehow the mixture of the grass jelly ice with the taro balls was just perfect, especially on a hot day =) So glad, now I can get my fix of taro balls here as least until I've saved enough to go to Taiwan again ^_^

26-1, Jalan PJU5/10,
Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Dinner from Sushi Q

There's this new Japanese shop in 1 Utama, which spans just a small empty area on the bridge between the new and old wing of 1 Utama. Passed by the place a few times, and I've wanted to try it out for a while as their sashimi really looks beautiful =)

Anyway, got my chance on Sunday, when there was only me and my mum having dinner together. So we decided to get a sushi and sashimi set to try. Looks good, right? =p

Sushi sashimi deluxe - RM18.80

The sushi and sashimi was really, really fresh. The salmon sashimi was the most satisfying, as they're not stingy with the fish and serve rather thick cuts. I couldn't resist and gobbled down a piece of salmon before I even took a picture (which explains the empty space in the middle =p)

Price wise, it's slightly below average prices at other Japanese restaurants and it still maintains the freshness of the food. The only minus is that there isn't much variety on the menu other than sushi, sashimi and some salads. Will definitely go back for more of the sashimi ^.^

Sushi Q
SK3, Second Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Taiwan Day 7: Last day =(

Sigh, time seems to fly when we're having fun..suddenly, it's already our last day in Taiwan. Didn't really plan to head anywhere today as we didn't have that much time.

We walked to a nearby shop which sold traditional Taiwan breakfast. Ordered a bowl of soybean each as well as some deep fried Chinese crullers.

Soya bean

It was only after we started on our soya bean that we realised that we needed to tell them specifically that we want the "sien dou jiang" (salty soya bean), otherwise we would just get the normal one. Seemed a waste as I really wanted to try the salty soya bean drink. Nevertheless, the soya bean drink was very thick and smelt very good, unlike the normal soya bean we drink which is thinner.

Taiwan Day 6: Danshui, Taipei Metro Mall & Shida Night Market

This morning, we decided to explore the area nearby our hostel and have breakfast at a McDonalds shop which we saw on a map the hostel had given us. Hehe, mainly to have our pork burger =p One thing I've noticed, most of the McDonald outlets we've seen here seem to be quite big. Also, the cleanliness here is really good, everyone will clear their table and dispose of their own rubbish before leaving.

Finally, our McD pork burger =p

 After breakfast, we were off to Danshui! Took the MRT all the way to Danshui Station, which took us about half an hour I think? The weather was really hot that day....I was sweating as soon as I stepped of the air-conditioned MRT. It was another few minutes walk from the station to Danshui Old Street, with me sweating all the way =(

Danshui MRT Station....somehow really love the architecture of the buildings in Taiwan ^.^

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Taiwan Day 5: Sun Moon Lake, Ximending, Wufenpu & Raohe Night Market

Woke up slightly after 4 in the morning and washed our faces before letting ourselves out of the minsu. As nobody else was up so early, the owner had told us how to open and close the gate to go out the night before. It was really dark at the time, and we walked the short distance down to the walkway surrounding Sun Moon Lake.

We walked for a short while before stopping at one of the picnic areas along the walkway to wait for the sunrise. It was so quiet at this time of the morning, and there weren't many people around to disturb the quiet of Sun Moon Lake. Unluckily for us, we weren't very lucky as the fog was too thick that day and we didn't get to enjoy the sunrise we were waiting for.

Though that isn't to say it wasn't beautiful....

Sunrise at Sun Moon quiet and serene early in the morning ^.^

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lunch at Twenty-One Tables + Terrace

Had previously bought 3 vouchers for set lunch at Twenty-One Tables & Terrace through Mydeal ( One set lunch was going for only RM26 instead of the normal price of RM52, cheap right?

Anyway, since my brother was back in KL this weekend, decided to head over there for lunch today. I haven't been to Bangsar Shopping Centre in a long time and it really looks much better after the renovations. I especially like the decor on the 3rd floor where the restaurants are located. The restaurant itself has glass windows from floor to ceiling, allowing us a beautiful view while having our meal.

Anyway, enough about that...let's move on to the important part. Food!! ^.^ While waiting for our dishes, we were served with some breadsticks (I think?) to munch on. It was simple but enough to keep us occupied while waiting =p

Some bread we were provided with while waiting for our meal =)

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Taiwan Day 4: Taichung & Sun Moon Lake

Our fourth day in Taiwan, already halfway through our trip...sigh, don't know why time seemed to pass faster there. Anyway, as usual, had breakfast first. Tomato Rooms had provided us with a voucher for breakfast at a shop a few doors away. Just a simple breakfast of toast and black tea or 'hong cha' as they call it.

After that, we went over to McD as we wanted to try their pork burger. However, found that it was only available up to 11 am. So in the end, we just got a cup of coffee and continued exploring the other shops nearby.

1. & 2. Breakfast provided by Tomato Rooms, chocolate toast and tea
3. Cheese sticks     4., 5. & 6. McD