Sunday, 5 September 2010

Lunch at Twenty-One Tables + Terrace

Had previously bought 3 vouchers for set lunch at Twenty-One Tables & Terrace through Mydeal ( One set lunch was going for only RM26 instead of the normal price of RM52, cheap right?

Anyway, since my brother was back in KL this weekend, decided to head over there for lunch today. I haven't been to Bangsar Shopping Centre in a long time and it really looks much better after the renovations. I especially like the decor on the 3rd floor where the restaurants are located. The restaurant itself has glass windows from floor to ceiling, allowing us a beautiful view while having our meal.

Anyway, enough about that...let's move on to the important part. Food!! ^.^ While waiting for our dishes, we were served with some breadsticks (I think?) to munch on. It was simple but enough to keep us occupied while waiting =p

Some bread we were provided with while waiting for our meal =)

The atmosphere here is quite nice, though it's a bit quiet during lunch. Guess more people head here at night for dinner and drinks. Would like to come again another time and see what it's like...hehe, on to our appetisers for now..

Appetisers!! 1. King prawn spring roll     2. Salad with strawberries & grapes     3. Spicy chicken salad

Though the 3 appetisers we ordered looked rather similar, I loved that taste-wise, all the 3 salads gave us a nice surprise. The king prawn spring roll was served with a tamarind sauce, which was slightly sour and went down really well with the crispy spring roll. My favourite was the salad with strawberries and grapes. It was covered with a light lemon dressing, which gave just a hint of sourness mixed with the sweetness of the fruits ^.^ Mum preferred the spicy chicken salad, with some mango salad and chicken cubes mixed together.

1. My prawn risotto     2. Dad's chicken wrap     3. Mum's fish sandwich     4. Bro's penne with diced chicken

The risotto was really really good, very creamy. For a set lunch, the portions were actually quite large, and I think it would be a bit hard to finish one set per person if you're a small eater. Tried a bit of all the other mains we ordered, which were just as good. The penne was smothered with this creamy, cheesy tomato sauce together with some fried chicken and brinjal cubes.

The chicken wrap wasn't outstanding, but I did like the juiciness of the chicken. The fish sandwich was just huge!! And like the chicken, the fish tempura also wasn't dry, unlike certain places where the it can get so dry that we need to smother it with sauce. This was just good on its own, with the bread and some fresh vegetables.

1. Baked dark chocolate ganache     2. White chocolate and creme cheese mousse with mango    
3. Passionfruit mousse with poached berries

Yum yum....dessert was so delightfully sinful =p Can't decide which I loved the most, it was all just so gooooddddd!! ^.^ The only one that wasn't accepted by all of us was the passionfruit mousse, which was quite sour. Even though I love sour stuff, I found this a bit too sour. Though we can't say we weren't warned, as we were actually informed that it would be sour when we ordered the dessert earlier.

Overall, I think the food here is really good. Service here was great and I found the staff to be very attentive and pleasant. We didn't have to wait very long for our dishes to be served either. Have no idea if this is the same when the place is crowded, but would definitely like to head over there again and try some of the other items on their menu.

Twentyone's Tables+Terrace
T1, Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Center,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya
59000 Kuala Lumpur

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