Saturday, 6 November 2010

Lui Cha ^.^

Had this long, long time ago but haven't had the time to post it recently. Been a bit busy with work lately =(  Anyway, happened to see this shop called Ho Boh Rui Cha when I happened to be in Subang with my parents one weekend, and as we're all fans of Lui Cha, we decided to give it a try. Not many people there for a weekend lunch though.


Don't need to guess, all three of us ordered the same thing...Lui Cha!! =p Though my parents went for the one with brown rice instead of white rice. Continued taking some photos while waiting for our food to arrive. Decorations here are rather simple, with traditional marble tops and chairs used.

Interior of the shop

There were framed newspaper articles/reviews on the walls, but didn't know what they said. Disadvantage of not being able to read and write in Chinese =(

Business hours - need to know when they're closed ^.^

Didn't take long before our orders arrived. Was a bit disappointed at first because the soup was not very hot when served to us. But after that, we were given additional bowls of soup as the first bowl wasn't enough for us and this time, it was much hotter.

Lui Cha  =p

All in all, the Lui Cha here wasn't bad and I wouldn't mind coming back for seconds, but it still can't beat my all time favourite served at Chuan Tong Mei Shi in Kota Damansara.

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