Sunday, 28 November 2010

To a healthy lifestyle =)

Been a while since I've updated this. Anyway, been caught up a little in trying to get healthy recently, and hopefully, reduce the amount of pimples on my face as well =p

Together with a friend, I recently signed up for yoga classes package. We each paid RM250 for 15 classes, which I feel is quite reasonable. We've went for 3 classes so far and so far so good I guess. Don't feel all that much difference yet but figured I need the exercise since I'm stuck in the office for hours on end everyday.

Though I have to say that nothing can compare to the aches I felt after the first class. I was aching so much I couldn't even bend down!! Just shows how little exercise I normally have, to ache that much after 1 hour of yoga. It's better now, still feel a little bit of aches here and there but not that noticeable, unlike the first time.

Other than that, I also bought a new set of facial products recently as my previous facial cleanser was finishing already. Was introduced to this brand, DHC, by one of the sales promoters at Watsons and decided to give it a try.

DHC trial set

So far, have started using these products for around 1-2 weeks already. Have to say, the deep cleansing oil is really good at doing its job. Unlike some other brands of cleansing oils I've tried, there are no traces of oil on my face after rinsing off with water, which is great. Followed by the mild cleanser, my face feels quite squeaky clean after these two steps.

I also like the mild lotion. There's no alcohol in the lotion and my face doesn't feel tight after applying this on my skin. The promoter also mentioned that the lotion can be used as a sort of mask on the face as well, but I've yet to try it. The only gripe I would have with this set would be the olive virgin oil. Feels a little too oily for me sometimes.

All in all, I think I'd continue to buy the deep cleansing oil, mild soap and mild lotion as I really feel it's quite effective for my skin type. I've noticed that my skin doesn't get oily easily after using these products, even after a few hours, so it's definitely good for me.

Brand's Prune and Berry Essence

I got these a few weeks ago as well. Apparently it can help to reduce pimples as well and my mum suggested I try it. As there was an offer going on at the time, decided to get a few packs to try. Haven't been taking it as regularly as suggested on the packaging though. I suppose it helps by removing the toxins in the body, but the effects aren't really showing on my face. Will still continue taking this as I still feel that there are health benefits in taking this.

Anyway, nothing much else at the moment. Next post, will be on the yummy mille crepe cake ^.^

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