Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pork ribs that melt in your mouth ^.^

More and more new restaurants are popping up in 1 Utama recently due to the major renovations done on the old wing over the last few months. While on my way to lunch one afternoon, happened to notice that a new restaurant, Chicago Ribs House, had just opened in the location where Jack's Place used to be.

Decided to head over there with my family this afternoon to try the pork ribs, which I suppose is their main attraction. The place was buzzing with people by the time we arrived at almost 1 in the afternoon, but luckily, we didn't have any problems getting seats.

We placed our orders within 10 minutes and settled down to wait for our food. The menu seems similar to those in Chillis and TGIF, with a variety of starters and mains, though I wish there were more choices for desert.

Classic Mojito (RM3)
They're currently having an opening promotion whereby all classic mojito are currently priced at RM3, so of course, I decided to try one =p  Can't say much on the taste since I'm not really an expert on alcohol.

First to arrive was our combo platter of half a rack of pork ribs, and we had chosen salmon to complete the combo.
Ribs and Salmon Combo (RM47.90)
See the light bluish orangish flame in the picture? We chose the Flaming Kansas sauce recommended by the waiter and it was actually served with a bowl of sauce which was drizzled over the ribs and then lighted. Quite expensive though as I think there was an additional charge of RM6 for this sauce.

The portion was smaller than we'd expected, but I have to say, the ribs were really, really good. The meat was so soft, it literally fell off the bone when I cut into it. This even got the nod of approval from my mum, who was afraid the meat would be too tough. Kinda regretted not ordering the full rack of ribs instead, as this wasn't really enough for us.

Side order of mashed potatoes and vegetables
The combo platter above came with two side orders of our choice and we had chosen mashed potatoes and vegetables. I rather liked the texture of the mashed potatoes as it was not mashed too finely and there were still some small bits of potatoes. The vegetables were just normal though.

Aglio Olio (RM19.90)
Our order of aglio olio did not arrive even after we had finished all the above and we had to remind the waiter of our order. Anyway, this was rather a disappointment as it was rather tasteless and was super oily. Just look at the amount of oil left on the plate. So far, I think my favourite place for aglio olio would still be Dave's as there isn't an overload of oil.

Oil oil oil....
Anyway, I'll definitely be back for more of those pork ribs but not for the aglio olio. Wouldn't mind trying some of the other pastas they have on menu though, I think they have a few other varieties as well.
Chicago Ribs House
F346, First Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya

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  1. Nice review! I also went to have dinner there on Friday, since they had the opening promo for ribs. :D Agree, pasta at Dave's is one of the best around here. :D