Sunday, 19 February 2012

Bangkok Day 2: Platinum Mall

Back to my Bangkok trip...hehe, this post has been delayed for a while now, but I've bought tickets to go again this year and feel like finishing up the last trip first =)

Anyway, on the second day, we had a half day tour around the city which came together with our hotel package. Like I mentioned earlier, our hotel cost us only THB2,100 per person per night on a twin sharing basis, and we were given a free half day tour as well as airport transfer on the first and last day.

We had to get up quite early for this as the tour was scheduled to start around 8 or 9 I think. A buffet breakfast was also included, and there were the normal breakfast food such as eggs, sausages, salads as well as some fried dishes such as fried rice and noodles. It was just a simple breakfast but still sufficient to fill up our tummies before we set off.

The first place we were taken was to this small dock for a river cruise. Got onto the boat, and off we went! Nothing much of interest, our guide pointed out several buildings to us, but we only got down at Wat Arun. We were allowed around half an hour (I think) to walk and explore before we set off on our next destination. Took the time to make some prayers there =) Bought some souvenirs too, though I think the prices were a little high there because of all the tourists like us.

After the river cruise, we were also brought to two different shops, one selling precious gems and another selling honey produce. I guess this is a normal itinerary when we follow tours, no matter which country we go to. This didn't really interest me and we left once we were able to.

We decided to forgo the remainder of the tour as we were raring to head on to Platinum Mall ( for our shopping!! =p This place is like heaven for the ladies, a whole shopping mall filled with shops selling all kinds of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. There are countless rows of shops on each level and we could barely finish one level even with two or three hours!!

We had lunch at the food court on the 6th floor. It's quite convenient and has a variety of food. We have to first purchase a card (similar to a Touch and Go card?) with the amount of credit we want, and we can then pay for our orders by using the card. Any remaining credit on the card can then be changed back to cash at the same counter.

Lunch at Platinum Mall

Spotted a funny sign at one of the food counters...hehe, just one wrong letter can cause a whole lot of difference =) Luckily, taste wise it wasn't too bad, but didn't see much crap (oops, I mean crab) in it. We ordered several different items to share, including some duck noodles, pork, satay and mango stick rice...yums ^.^

We spent the rest of the day shopping till it was time for dinner, and we bought some food from the street stalls on the way back to our hotel. Bought some grilled squid from one of the roadside stalls and this was just soooo goood. It was just grilled on its own and only some spicy and sour sauce was added, but oh the taste of it was amazing. It was extremely spicy though...

Definitely recommended to give some of these local snacks a try as they really taste much better than what you can get at some of the restaurants.

Don't really have much pictures as we were too busy shopping the whole day, hehe ^.^ Next up, the last two days of our trip, where we did even more shopping and went for a comfortable Thai massage =)