Sunday, 12 September 2010

Taiwan Day 6: Danshui, Taipei Metro Mall & Shida Night Market

This morning, we decided to explore the area nearby our hostel and have breakfast at a McDonalds shop which we saw on a map the hostel had given us. Hehe, mainly to have our pork burger =p One thing I've noticed, most of the McDonald outlets we've seen here seem to be quite big. Also, the cleanliness here is really good, everyone will clear their table and dispose of their own rubbish before leaving.

Finally, our McD pork burger =p

 After breakfast, we were off to Danshui! Took the MRT all the way to Danshui Station, which took us about half an hour I think? The weather was really hot that day....I was sweating as soon as I stepped of the air-conditioned MRT. It was another few minutes walk from the station to Danshui Old Street, with me sweating all the way =(

Danshui MRT Station....somehow really love the architecture of the buildings in Taiwan ^.^

 There are lots of shops here selling souvenirs as well as food, caters mainly to tourists.  Quite a few of these shops were selling sweets and toys, which made me feel like I was going back to my childhood times. Hehe, we couldn't resist buying some back for ourselves...we were like two little kids again =) 

As usual, we definitely had to try some of the food here =)

Some kind of soup, nothing great

On walking further towards the harbourside, we managed to fnd the shop which is supposed to be the originator of Ah Ge To Fu. Well, that's what they claim, at least...

The original shop selling Ah Ge To Fu

First, we tried the famous Ah Ge To Fu, which is tofu stuffed with tang hoon....didn't really like it as it was served with this sweetish sauce.

Ah Ge To Fu

We also tried the meat dumpings here, which were really huge! By the time I finished it, I was so full already. The skin of the dumpling was made of this sticky dough and it was filled with pork. But, this was also served with the same sauce as Ah Ge To Fu which I didn't really like.

Huge meat dumplings

But then, what's a meal without dessert right? hehe, we desperately needed something cool in this hot weather, and what better than some ice cream? ^.^

NTD10 ice cream =p

We also got some cold drinks to quench our thirst, and got the popular Suan Mei Tang (plum juice) from one of the many stalls selling it. There are so many stalls selling the same drink, we weren't sure which was the original! We didn't manage to get a photo of this as it was finished almost as soon as we bought it. Really good on a hot summer day.

After that, we continued our walk along the row of shopsat Danshui, with our umbrellas up to shield us from the sun.

We stopped to rest here a while, which was quite comfortable with a nice breeze giving us respite from the heat of the afternoon sun. Quite a few people also stopped here to rest, and the uncles on the left hand side were busy fishing =) Don't know whether they managed to catch anything, but really amazed how they can sit there so long in the hot weather....

After a while, we decided to buy our souvenirs, namely Tie Dan as well as some other biscuits before we headed to our next destination. They also have these fish crackers which they sell for about NTD50 per paket. Really regretted not getting more of this as it was really, really good!!

We then took the MRT back to Taipei Main Station for our next round of shopping!! ^.^ Where else, but Taipei Metro Mall. Didn't realise how long an area this place covers. The mall actually runs the length from Taipei Main Station all the way to Zhong Shan and Shuanglian Station. We regretted not getting off at Shuanglian Station and then walking back to Taipei Main Station.

Taipei Metro Mall

Spent about 3 hours walking through the mall, and shopping =p Didn't really buy any clothes here as I think we were already spoilt by the huge amount of clothes we saw at Wufenpu the day before. Did manage to get shoes and some accessories here though.

Finished up our shopping and headed back to our hostel to refresh ourselves before walking to Shida Night Market, which is about 5 to 10 minutes from the hostel. Followed a map from the hostel, but still went the wrong way in the all the different alleys. In the end, still managed to find our way safely to the night market.

This time, we decided to have dinner at this Korean restaurant which was full of customers, which must be a good reflection on the food also, right?

Teppanyaki? style beef with rice

Luckily, we weren't disappointed ^.^ Though the place was full to the brim, the food didn't take that long to arrive and it was very good, as well...Each order of ours actually comes with a plate of 3 different side dishes as well as a bowl of seaweed soup and iced tea. Very filling, and quite worth the price.

Kimchi fried rice

Compared to the other night markets that we've been to, Shida Night Market seems to be more focused on individual style. The prices here are rather higher than the other night markets, but the clothes and accessories they sell here are also different compared to what we've seen the past few days in Taiwan. Great place to shop if you like to clothes, etc, that stand out from others.

Also noticed that there are lots of little restaurants here selling all kinds of food, from Japanese to Korean to Western to Arabic. Really, you can find almost any type of food here, till we were lost for choice...

We didn't spend too much time here as mainly only did some window-shopping due to the higher prices. Before heading back to rest, we made another trip on the MRT to Shihlin Night Market for some last minute purchases of Feng Li Shu and some other souvenirs for home.

No pictures of our shopping as we were busy stuffing everything into our luggage for our journey home the next day...

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