Sunday, 12 September 2010

Taiwan Day 7: Last day =(

Sigh, time seems to fly when we're having fun..suddenly, it's already our last day in Taiwan. Didn't really plan to head anywhere today as we didn't have that much time.

We walked to a nearby shop which sold traditional Taiwan breakfast. Ordered a bowl of soybean each as well as some deep fried Chinese crullers.

Soya bean

It was only after we started on our soya bean that we realised that we needed to tell them specifically that we want the "sien dou jiang" (salty soya bean), otherwise we would just get the normal one. Seemed a waste as I really wanted to try the salty soya bean drink. Nevertheless, the soya bean drink was very thick and smelt very good, unlike the normal soya bean we drink which is thinner.

Chong You Bing

The Chong You Bing was fresh from the wok, and was really tasty. Though there isn't much ingredients used to make this, I loved this pairing of soft, warm bread with the fragrant "chong".

Yau Char Kwai

The Yau Char Kwai is similar to what we normally eat, but we loved this as it was served to us piping hot and thus, was very crispy.

On the way back after breakfast, we couldn't resist stopping by to get our last 7-11 fix before leaving for home. Bought drinks and some snacks to munch on at the airport.

Coffee!! from 7-11 of course =p

We had originally planned to book a taxi to send us from our hostel to Taipei Main Station as we felt that the luggage was really too heavy to carry around on the MRT. Especially with all our shopping =p It was only then that we found most of the taxi companies only accept reservations made half an hour in advance from the pick-up time.

As we were afraid of being late, we decided to book a taxi earlier and checked out from our hostel. However, in the end, we decided to take the taxi all the way to the airport instead for NTD900 in total.

Once we had checked in our luggage in, we then had our lunch at one of the restaurants as we were still quite early. This restaurant really blew off my original thought of airport food being expensive and not delicious.

Restaurant in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Randomly ordered a bowl of pork noodles as well as "xiao long bao". The pork noodles was served with a few slices of pork, some vegetables as well as bamboo shoots. The x-factor in this dish was the soup, which was really, really good I wanted to finish the whole bowl of soup myself ^.^

Pork noodle

Can't believe we were so lucky, both the items we ordered tasted just as good. I'd already gobbled up one of the "xiao long bao" before I even remembered to take a photo of it. The skin was really thin and with one bite, all the delicious soup just poured into our mouths...yum yum =p

Xiao Long Bao

After the satisfying lunch, we spent some time looking around some of the souvenir shops in the airport before boarding our flight to KL. And that marks the end of our 7 days in Taiwan..hopefully, I'll be back soon ^_^

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